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Victoria “Vicky” Duran | Financial Advisor Assistant

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Victoria “Vicky” Duran | Financial Advisor Assistant

Vicky Duran resides in Alpharetta, with her family. She is originally from Costa Rica.

She graduated from the University of Costa Rica in 2009, with a Bachelor and Post-Graduate degree in Economics. In 2017 she graduated with distinction from Queen Mary University of London, with a MSc. Behavioral Finance.

She has over 5 years of work experience in finance and economic policy in Costa Rica. She has worked in entities such as Acobo Wealth Management Group, Citigroup Financial Services and the Central Bank of Costa Rica. She also interned at Universities Superannuation Scheme Pension Fund, in London.

Vicky joined Ashworth Sullivan Wealth Management Group in 2018 where she works under the leadership of Marcus Ashworth, CFP® and Jessica Dabbs, FPQP™.